Healthcare Management Technology
Degree Program
Program Description
The Healthcare Management Technology Associate degree program is designed to prepare students for a wide variety of positions in the healthcare environment. The curriculum places emphasis on planning, organizing, directing and controlling tasks related to healthcare organizational objectives, including the legal and ethical environment. The online format of this program allows for individuals already working in the healthcare disciplines to obtain their associate degree which can help them with their advancement into managerial positions.
Program Specific Information
Students are accepted each semester based on space and course availability.

Additional Entrance Requirements: Students will be required to complete the Healthcare Science certificate program and the Pre-Healthcare Management concentration, with an overall GPA of 2.0, prior to entering the Healthcare Management Technology degree program.
Admissions Requirements
• Must be 16 years of age.
• High school diploma or GED is required prior to admission.
  (Official transcripts or GED scores must be submitted from all colleges and/or high schools attended for credit.)
• ASSET Testing, or submit SAT, ACT, CPE, or COMPASS test scores.
• Program Length: 6 Semesters; Campus Availability: .
Financial Aid
This program is eligible for the Pell Grant, and may be eligible for Institutional and State Financial Aid. Contact a Financial Aid Counselor for eligibility requirements and application materials.
General Education Core
Area I - Language Arts/Communications
ENGL1101Composition & Rhetoric3
Area II - Social/Behavioral Sciences
ECON1101Principles of Economics - OR -3
ECON2105Macroeconomics - OR -(3)
ECON2106Microeconomics - OR -(3)
HIST1111World History I - OR -(3)
HIST1112World History II - OR -(3)
HIST2111U.S. History I - OR -(3)
HIST2112U.S. History II - OR -(3)
POLS1101American Government - OR -(3)
PSYC1101Introductory Psychology - OR -(3)
SOCI1101Introduction to Sociology (3)
Area III - Natural Sciences/Mathematics
MATH1100Quantitative Skills/Reasoning - OR -3
MATH1101Mathematical Modeling - OR -(3)
MATH1111College Algebra (3)
Area IV - Humanities/Fine Arts
ENGL2130American Literature - OR -3
HUMN1101Intro to Humanities - OR -(3)
MUSC1101Music Appreciation (3)
Program-Specific Requirements
XXX xxx General Education Core Elective3
Program Specific Core (58 semester hours)
ALHS1090Medical Terminology for ALHS 2
BIOL2113Anatomy & Physiology I 3
BIOL2113LAnatomy & Physiology I Lab 1
BIOL2114Anatomy & Physiology II 3
BIOL2114LAnatomy & Physiology II Lab 1
BUSN1440Document Production 4
COMP1000Introduction to Computers 3
HEMT1010Intro Healthcare Mgmt 3
HEMT1020Admin Procedures for HEMT 3
HEMT1030Medical Law & Ethics 3
HEMT1040Healthcare Statistics 3
HEMT1100Medical Records Sys & Mgmt 3
HEMT1110Medical Coding 3
HEMT1120Medical Insurance 3
HEMT1130Advanced Coding 3
HEMT2000Mgmt of Healthcare Org. 3
HEMT2010Healthcare Financial Mgmt 3
HEMT2020Long Term Care Administration 3
HEMT2030Human Resources Mgmt 3
HEMT2050Healthcare Mgmt Internship 5

Total Hours