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Scheduling Testing
Students will receive notification by mail of testing dates and times after submitting the admissions application and application fee.

ASSET Study Guide
To help you prepare to take the ASSET test, you may review the ASSET Study Guide (PDF) which is available online at our web site at under Admissions.

Assessment Policy
The ability of a student to succeed in an occupational program at Lanier Technical College is greatly determined by the math and language skills possessed by that student. Lanier Technical College is committed to assisting each student to achieve at his/her maximum potential. It is the philosophy of this school that a student is not helped by admitting him/her to a program in which he/she does not possess the basic education skills needed to succeed. Therefore, all students applying for degree, diploma and certificate programs must be tested prior to acceptance to a program of study at Lanier Technical College. Students will be admitted in accordance with the Nondiscriminatory Admissions Policy, SBTAE Policy Number 05-01-01.

  1. Lanier Technical College will utilize the state-approved assessment instrument when assessing for program readiness. The ASSET and its computer version COMPASS is the state-approved assessment instrument.
  2. In lieu of the state-approved test, Lanier Technical College may accept a student's score on the ACT, SAT, or CPE provided that this score is no more than five years old. Official Georgia High School Graduation Test Scores in English/Language Arts may be submitted for English and reading placement if scores are high enough.
  3. Successful completion of appropriate developmental or program level coursework at regionally accredited institutions may also be used to document a student's basic education skills and eliminate the need to complete the placement test.
  4. Official Georgia High School graduation test scores in English / Language Arts may be submitted for English and Reading placement if scores are high enough.

Assessment Procedures

  1. Each student will be assessed or provided appropriate assessment documentation prior to being accepted into degree, diploma, or certificate programs. Students will be scheduled for a placement test when application and application fee have been received by the Office of Admissions. Applicants will be notified in person and/or writing, of their scheduled date and time to be tested. It is the responsibility of the applicant to contact the Office of Admissions and reschedule their test date if necessary.
  2. Each student will receive an interpretation of his or her test scores prior to beginning their program of study. Test results, course placement, and admissions status is discussed with the test group at the beginning of each testing session. The results of the test, including the applicant's admission status and Learning Support recommendations, will be sent to each applicant. The applicant may contact the Office of Admissions for further discussion and interpretation of the test results. Assessment results will be distributed to the appropriate department instructor, to be used for advisement when the student comes to registration.
  3. Provisions will be made for the assessment of students with disabilities who need special assistance and considerations. These special provisions may include computer adaptive testing, extended time, untimed testing, testing with large print booklets, and testing with audio equipment. The applicant should provide documentation of the disability and a recommendation of the special provisions needed.

Learning Support Placement for Degree Students
All degree seeking students taking MAT 99 Learning Support coursework must retest on COMPASS or ASSET at the end of their course sequence and make the appropriate score in order to register for program level College Algebra or Math Modeling coursework.

Learning Support Course Exemption
Students who are placed in Learning Support courses and register for these courses must complete the entire sequence of coursework prior to enrolling in program-level English, reading, and/or math courses. In other words, a student will not be able to take the first course in the sequence and then attempt to exempt the second course by re-taking the ASSET or COMPASS exam.

Procedures for Retesting
Students may be retested after three months if they are retesting on the same form of the test. If the student does not attain the required scores for Regular Admission to a program of study after the second retest, he/she will be required to complete the appropriate developmental courses. Students may be retested prior to the three month date if they test on an alternate form or version of the placement test. An exception to the retesting policy may be granted for students who are required to retest after completing certain developmental or core courses.

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