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The efficient use of technology is key when competing in today’s global manufacturing marketplace.

At the AMTC, manufacturers will find the research, development, and training resources to maximize returns on expenditures when automating processes.

From rapid prototyping to robotic welding, the AMTC is ready with services to keep your manufacturing processes on the cutting edge of competition.

All AMTC services are customized, available 24 hours/ day, 7 days / week, and GUARANTEED.
Maintenance Skills Training Needs Assessment
The efficient use of technology in manufacturing is key when competing in the global marketplace. As manufacturers increase applications of automation in their processes, the need for a highly skilled maintenance workforce is vital.
The question is, “what training is needed, by whom and how much?”
Our Unique Approach
In order to maximize the time and cost of a training program, it should only target the skill sets needed for the job tasks. We use a maintenance skills training needs assessment system to identify those skill sets, assess your workforce for levels, then deliver training to fill in the gaps.
  Complete Evaluations
Our assessment system entails a comprehensive, practical written evaluation combined with task-related performance (hands-on) activities, drawn from over 80 different electrical and mechanical skills evaluations, based on the identified job tasks needs.
  Results Delivered
The results report of the assessment will include the individual levels per task of each participant, along with a detailed training plan recommendation to bring the levels up to the desired skill competency. Training can then be delivered in an organized format by our staff that has a combined 70+ years of direct industrial experience in our state of the art facility.
Please contact our staff at the Center to schedule a consultation for an assessment:
   Joey Watkins 770-533-6996
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