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Career Services -
Using the website for Career Exploration:

1. Go to the website at

2. You must create an account. On the left hand side of the home page, click on Create an Account. Be sure to write down the username and password you create in this step.

3. Once you complete your account, click on the dark blue tab at the top that says Career Info. Click on the blue link that says Career Key.

4. Click the button at the bottom of the page that says BEGIN THE CAREER KEY.

5. A new internet window will open and you will be asked to check the box next to the jobs that you like or sound interesting. Do not worry about whether or not you think you can do the job, but just if you think you would like it. When you finish click Next.

6. Answer the questions that follow until you have completed the survey.

7. When you finish answering the questions on the survey the last page will show the results of your survey. These results will list 6 categories Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Conventional, and Enterprising. At this point, please print the page or write down the categories and the numbers next to the categories.

8. You will see a number listed next to each category. The number represents the level of interest you have in activities related to the category. For example, you may have a score like the following: Realistic-6, Investigative-14, Artistic-20, Social-18, Enterprising-20, & Conventional-8. This would mean that your interests tend towards activities that are more artistic (creative), social (being with people), and enterprising (starting up new ideas).

9. Go ahead and click on the link for each category and you will get a detailed definition for the category.

10. Close out the window with the survey results.

11. You will then go back to the main window where you clicked to start the survey. This time, click on the link that says Student-Career Matching Assistant.

12. Once you answer the questions on the matching assistant, you will be given a list of potential careers that match your interests. At this point, you can explore the different careers that match with your interests. Once you have identified careers that interest you check out our website at to see which programs will help you move toward that career.

13. Contact our admissions office at 770-531-6332 or stop by one of our 5 campus locations when you are a ready to take the next step.
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