Getting Started: High School Equivalency (GED® & HiSET®) and ELA (ESL)

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ESL/ELA (English Language Acquisition) Class Registration Information

Improve your English language skills for FREE! Lanier Technical College can help you understand and communicate in the English language. We also have FREE classes to prepare for the U.S. Citizenship exam.
  1. Find a center close to you.  Do you need assistance?  Call or send an email:
  2. Ready? or print the Registration Form and Goals and Signatures Page and bring on test day.
  3. Call your center to make an appointment for pre-testing.
  4. Test day – Bring valid official picture ID
    • Examples include a driver’s license, U.S. passport, Employment Authorization Card, Refugee/Asylum related visa.
    • NOT ACCEPTED: tourist/business visas, consular IDs, foreign passports without other types of valid documentation.
    • If you have questions about documentation, contact the center.
  5. Test day – allow 3 hours. Please call to cancel.
Please refer to FAQ's - ESL for further information.

Georgia High School Equivalency (GED® & HiSET®) Program

Ready to study for your HiSET® or GED® test? Studying with Lanier Technical College is free of charge! You only pay for the actual HiSET® or GED® test, but we can help make sure you are ready for it before you spend any money.
  1. Find a center close to you. Need help? Stop! Call or send an email:
  2. Ready? or print the Registration Form and Goals and Signatures Page and bring on test day.
  3. You will be contacted by phone or email to make an appointment for an orientation/registration time. If you don’t hear back within two business days, please call the center. Leave a message if there is no answer; we may be serving other students.
  4. At your appointment time, bring valid photo identification and other documentation you printed during the online registration process.
  5. You will take a pre-test. Plan for at least three hours, but ask about the estimated time when you make your appointment.
  6. You will be called to come in to discuss your scores and learning plan, and will be enrolled into the next available class.
  7. Please do not cancel your appointment unless absolutely necessary, and do so with as much advance notice as possible. Doing so may place you on a waiting list, and it could be weeks before another opening is available.
Please refer to FAQ's - GED® for further information.

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