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2019 - 2020
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Academic Dismissal
A student who fails to attain a minimum 2.0 GPA the next semester in attendance after being placed on probation is subject to academic dismissal. A student who is academically dismissed must stay out of college one full semester before petitioning for readmission. A second academic dismissal could constitute a final dismissal from the student's current program of study.

Academic Dismissal Waiver Request Procedure
Any student placed on academic dismissal may request a waiver (of the one semester absence from the college) by petitioning the Vice President of Academic Affairs or the Vice President of Campus Operations. The waiver request should be in writing and should include the reason for the decline in GPA and the plan to correct the problem or situation including steps taken to prevent future grade problems. The Vice President will consider prior academic history, work responsibilities, time constraints, etc. in determining whether to grant the waiver request. If the Vice President decides to grant the waiver request, he/she will notify the student, program instructor, and the Registrar's Office in writing or via E-Mail.

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