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2019 - 2020
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Campus Security Act
The Student Right To Know and Campus Security Act of 1990 requires that colleges who participate in federal financial aid programs maintain and report annually certain campus security policies and crime information.

Lanier Technical College strives to provide a safe environment in which to learn and work. It is also our desire to promote the concept that obeying laws and regulations is an important part of being an educated member of our community.

Campus safety and security and crime prevention are a part of the quarterly student orientation and staff development programs at Lanier Technical College. There is an ongoing educational program to make students and staff aware of types or trends of crime in our area, changes of behavioral patterns that may serve to protect the student, and crime prevention information provided by local law enforcement authorities. Lanier Technical College sponsors a Wellness Fair each year, for faculty, staff, and students. The Wellness Fair covers a wide range of topics such as drug and alcohol information, health information, and crime awareness and prevention. Representatives from the local hospital wellness programs, the Red Cross, and area Sheriff's Departments are among the presenters invited to attend.

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