Lanier Technical College
2019 - 2020
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No Show Policy

Any student (day, evening, full-time, part-time, in-class, on-line) who does not physically attend the first scheduled class meeting for an on-campus class or complete an academic assignment during the three (3) calendar day add period for an online class will be considered a No Show. Detailed information including the student name, ID number, CRN, course prefix and number (e.g. MATH 1111), and the statement "No Show" must be submitted by the class instructor to the Office of the Registrar via email to by the end of the first full week of class.

Reinstatement Procedure: Students will be routinely reinstated by the Office of the Registrar and may be required to pay the $45 late registration fee during the add/late registration period. Students who desire reinstatement after the end of the add period require approval by the instructor of the class via an email to Examples of candidates for reinstatement are students who were declared as a No Show or were purged for non-payment of fees.

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