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2019 - 2020
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Special Populations
Special Populations Services are available to meet the needs of qualifying students. Services include but are not limited to workshops and training on educational, employability and life skills; institutional and community resources and referrals; and resource fairs. Special populations include:
  • Single parent students who have the primary or joint custody of a dependent child.
  • Single pregnant women.
  • Displaced homemakers who have worked without pay to care for a home and/or family and for that reason have diminished marketable skills; have been dependent on the income of another family member but are no longer supported by that income.
  • Economically disadvantaged students who are Pell Grant recipients or who are receiving federal assistance such as Food Stamps, TANF and/or Medicaid.
  • Students enrolled in nontraditional programs of study that lead to occupations or fields that have 25% or less of their gender employed within the occupation (male nurses, female automotive mechanics).
  • Students with limited English proficiency.
  • Students with disabilities.
Please contact the Special Populations Coordinator at 770-533-7005 for more information and resources.
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