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2019 - 2020
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Withdrawing From Courses

A student who withdraws from a course prior to the first day of the semester or during the three day drop/add period may be due a refund of tuition (see Refund Policy).

After the three day drop/add period through the 60% date of the semester, a student may withdraw from a course online via Banner Web at Students who withdraw after the third instructional day will not be due a refund and are responsible for their full account balance. Note: An instructional day is based on the academic calendar, not a student's individual schedule.

A student that officially withdraws from classes during the first 60% of any academic term following drop/add period will earn a grade W. These grades are not included in the calculation of grade point averages. However, students on financial aid should be aware that a drop or withdrawal after the three day drop period may affect their financial aid eligibility.

After the 60% period students will earn a grade of WF if they stopped attending without withdrawing and were not awarded a hardship withdrawal. The grade of "WF" will be calculated as an "F" in the GPA. This grade may affect financial aid eligibility.

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