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Dual Enrollment

(formerly known as
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Dual Enrollment Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Who qualifies for Dual Enrollment?
The program allows for students in grades 9-12 to participate. Students enrolled in Georgia public high schools, private high schools, or home study programs (operated in accordance with O.C.G.A 20-2-690) are eligible to participate. Speak with your high school counselor about the program.
What courses can Dual Enrollment students take?
Students may take college-level courses that will meet a high school graduation requirement and are approved by their high school counselor. Students must also meet all prerequisites for any course. Students must complete the admissions exam as a program-ready student. Learning support coursework, which prepares students for college-level work, is not available to Dual Enrollment students.
Which admissions exam scores are accepted by Lanier Tech?
Lanier Tech administers the ACCUPLACER® exam for admissions placement. Information about the exam is available at: Lanier Tech also accepts SAT and ACT test scores that meet the minimum admission score requirements. Please contact the Office of Admissions for additional information.
How many courses do students take each semester?
Most Dual Enrollment students take one or two classes a semester. Students, along with a parent, work with their guidance counselor and an LTC advisor to determine how many classes they will take.
What is a typical schedule?
There is no typical schedule as students may take classes days, nights, and online. Dual Enrollment will pay tuition up to 15 credit hours per semester.
What responsibilities does a Dual Enrollment student have?
Dual Enrollment students are responsible for their academic success. This includes, but is not limited to, attending and being on time for class, participating in class discussions and submitting assignments on time. Dual Enrollment students should plan on spending 2.5 hours outside of class for every hour spent in class. So a student can plan to devote about 10 hours a week for each 3 credit class.
Will grades earned in Dual Enrollment courses impact my high school academic record?
Yes. Grades will be reflected on both your high school transcript and your college transcript. The grades earned at Lanier Technical College will be a part of the student’s college GPA (grade point average). Lanier Tech reports letter grades to the high schools at the end of the semester. Individual school systems determine how our letter grades will be converted at the high school level.
Can Dual Enrollment students participate in campus events?
Dual Enrollment students are encouraged to be involved in campus activities, such as student clubs, organizations, and events.
What does the college offer our Dual Enrollment students?
LTC is committed to your success and offers:
  • Specialized orientation / advising sessions.
  • Small class sizes, hands-on learning, and close instructor attention.
  • TCSG Education 100% Guarantee – If an employer finds a graduate to be deficient in a TCSSG-taught competency within two years of graduation, then TCSG will retrain the graduate at no cost.
  • Enhanced articulation opportunities.
  • Online learning options.
  • Flexible class schedule – days, nights, and online.
  • Disability support services.
  • SACSCOC Accreditation.
  • Engineering Articulation Agreement with Kennesaw State University
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