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Frequently Asked Questions

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When do I register for classes? [+]

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Registration dates are listed on the school calendar, fliers are posted at each campus, and each returning student is emailed a packet of detailed registration information to their Lanier Technical College student email address. REMINDER: The official means of communication from the College is the College assigned student email. Returning students must contact their program advisor for advisement prior to registering. Advisement may be completed in person, but does not have to occur face-to-face; it may be handled via email, or telephone. Returning students have the first option for registration, "priority registration", which is open via Banner Web beginning at 8 AM on the Monday of Returning Student Registration week and ending at midnight on the Thursday of Returning Student Registration week.

Where do I find out what classes are being offered? [+]

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By the time the registration postcards are mailed to students, the next quarter schedule of classes is posted on the Lanier Tech web site. Click on Banner Web, Banner Web Login, then on Class Schedule to search and view the classes being offered by campus and subject.

What do I do if I get a "test score" or "prerequisite" error message while trying to register on the web? [+]

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These error messages mean that one or more of your chosen classes have a required class or test for admissions that your records do not show that you have. You need to contact your advisor for further advisement. Be sure to let him/her know that you attempted to register and received a prerequisite or test score error.

What do I do if I get a message indicating that my banner Web PIN is invalid? [+]

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Your PIN typically becomes invalid when you have entered it incorrectly three or more times. Contact the Registrar’s Office at 770-533-7012, 770-533-7015, or 770-533-7016 to have it reset. If you get a voice mail message, try the next number, or leave your name, student ID number, a call back number, and state that you need your PIN reset.

What do I do if I don't know or have forgotten my Banner Web PIN? [+]

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Your Banner Web PIN is, by default, your birth date (mmddyy), unless you have changed it to something else. If you have changed it, or if you tried your birthday and it doesn't work, contact Sandi Baker 770-533-7016 or Billie Eisenman 770-533-7012.

What do I do when it says that I have a hold? [+]

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Go to Banner Web and login, click on Student Services, then Student Records, then View Holds. If it says Student Financial Services and there is an open balance, then you will need to go to the Business Office on your campus. They will have to lift your hold. For more information on various holds, see the Registration Holds page.

Can a student be enrolled in more than one program at the same time? [+]

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Lanier Technical College does not allow a student to enroll in two different programs at the same time. Students must complete all requirements for one program before applying and being accepted into another program.

How do I obtain my Certificate, Diploma, or Degree credential? [+]

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Students must complete the Application for Graduation form when they register for their last quarter at Lanier Tech. A Graduation Audit will be performed by the Registrar’s Office; the student and advisor will be notified via their copy of the Application for Graduation.

When will I receive my credential? [+]

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The credentials are mailed after the quarter ends and final grades are verified by the Registrar’s Office.

Is there a deadline to apply for graduation? [+]

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Students apply for Graduation on the Lanier Technical College website. The Application is due at the time students register for their last semester, specifically on the Thursday of Returning Student Registration week. These dates are listed on the school calendar as well as on the Application for Graduation form. Submitting the form by the deadline will allow a quicker turn-around time for ordering and receipt of the credential. Students may apply for graduation after completion of their program, this will however, delay receipt of their credential.

What does the term "Transient student" mean? [+]

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Transient students have been given permission by their home college to attend another college and have the credit transferred back to the home college.

As a Lanier Technical College student, what are the requirements for me to become a “Transient” student? [+]

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Those requesting “Transient” status must:
   1. Notify the Registrar’s Office of the course and college they wish to attend,
   2. Be in good academic standing with Lanier Tech,
   3. Have met pre-requisites for the course requested,
   4. Assure that the course is required for their program of study, and
   5. Apply to the visiting college as a “Transient student”

If I have attended another college and submit my transcripts when applying for admission, will my credit automatically transfer? [+]
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For transfer credit to be evaluated, students must complete the Request for Transfer Credit form. An evaluation will be completed and a written evaluation will be forwarded to the student’s home address and campus mailed to the student’s advisor.

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