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General Policy for Admissions

The admissions policy and procedures of the State Board of the Technical College System of Georgia and Lanier Technical College assure the citizens of Georgia equal access to the opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to secure personally satisfying and socially productive employment. Lanier Technical College shall be open to individuals who are seeking post-secondary education. Admission to specific programs will consider a student’s readiness to ensure students reach their maximum potential consistent with the academic standards applicable to the program.

Admission to Lanier Technical College is a multi-step process which consists of evaluation of prior academic experience and assessment for postsecondary readiness of eligible applicants. The ability of a student to succeed in a program at Lanier Technical College is greatly determined by the math and language skills possessed by that student. Lanier Technical College is committed to assisting each student to achieve at their maximum potential. All students applying for diploma, degree, and certificate programs must be assessed prior to acceptance to a program of study at Lanier Technical College. Students will then be admitted in accordance with the academic standards applicable to that program.

In accordance with the Statement of Equal Opportunity of the Technical College System of Georgia, Lanier Technical College will not discriminate in admissions.