Admissions Classifications

Regular Admission of students to a program is contingent upon their meeting statewide admissions requirements and institutional admissions requirements established for that specific program and upon proper completion of all admissions procedures.

Provisional Admission of students to a program is based on an evaluation of test scores and other admission file data by the Office of Admissions and program faculty and upon proper completion of all admissions procedures. Provisionally admitted student’s English, Math and/or Reading levels that do not meet regular admission requirements must enroll in Learning Support classes. Provisionally admitted students are allowed to take certain programs specific courses as designated in the program standards. All students initially admitted on a provisional basis must meet regular program admission requirements prior to graduation. Provisional admission of transfer students to a program is contingent upon their meeting applicable licensure and accreditation requirements.

Some students may be referred to Adult Education depending upon test results. Adult Education and/or Learning Support classes are offered to enable students to meet recommended standards. Courses include reading, math, and English so as to support improving the student’s chances of success in a regular program of study. Students may also receive English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction.

Special Status Admission is granted to an applicant who desires to take credit courses for personal or professional benefit but do not plan to earn a degree, diploma or certificate. The following parameters apply to this classification:

  • Classified as non-award seeking when granted special student status by the Admissions Office.
  • Must adhere to the specific institutional prerequisite requirements when selecting courses.
  • Credit is received for regular program course work which is satisfactorily completed.
  • Credit may be received for an unlimited number of courses; but only 17 credit hours may be applied toward a specific degree, diploma or certificate program.
  • May apply for regular student status but must meet the requirements of the regular student admission process.
  • Must meet the College’s assessment process.
  • The number of hours taken as a special student in no way waives the requirements of the regular admission process.
  • A Special Admission Student must meet regular admission status prior to graduation.


Contact Admissions

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