Campus Police & Public Safety

Police Cars in front of sign


Hall Campus: 678-410-4139
Barrow Campus: 678-617-0849
Dawson Campus: 678-859-2891
Forsyth Campus: 678-283-1483
Jackson Campus: 678-859-2329


Police Department Office: 770-533-6959
Chief of Police Office: 770-533-6912 Cell: 678-997-9750

Special Arrangements / Safety Escort

Police Officers of the Lanier Technical College Police Department will provide you with a personal Safety Escort to and from your vehicle and class anytime you feel you need the added protections. If you desire a Safety Escort, please contact the Campus Police Officer on your campus at the numbers listed above.

About the Police Department

In an effort to enhance security on the Lanier Technical College and in compliance with O.C.G.A 20-8-2 a Campus Police Department was created in September of 2016. Lanier Technical College Police are sworn police officers and have full law enforcement authority, including powers of arrest in and upon all property owned or leased by the college. The Campus Police possess full police powers and are charged with the responsibility of enforcing all college rules and regulations as well as the local, state and federal laws. The department also maintains a close relationship with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies.

Message from the Chief

Chief Jeff Strickland

The Lanier Technical College Police Department is a full service, professional law enforcement agency that is committed to providing a safe and secure educational environment for students, staff, faculty and visitors. The Police Department is dedicated to the Community Policing Philosophy; providing pro-active service through inter-departmental and inter-agency collaboration to meet the ever-changing needs of the college community. We welcome input from the college community regarding security issues, needs, and concerns, and pledge to work as partners with the college community to provide quality police and security services.

In addition to providing high visibility patrols of the campus, the Lanier Technical College Police and Security Officers provide a variety of services including parking enforcement, enforcement of smoking regulations, and safety escorts. They also investigate all criminal activity and motor vehicle accidents on campus.

I would encourage you to feel free to get to know the Police and Security Officers on the Lanier Technical College campuses. We are here to keep you safe and assist you with all your security needs. I think you will find our officers friendly and approachable and willing to assist you in any way possible.

I urge you to keep safety in mind at all times and if I may ever be of assistance to you in any way please do not hesitate to call upon me at any time.

Chief Jeff Strickland

Hazardous Materials

Laner Technical College utilizes a computer software program to manage our inventory of hazardous materials and safety data sheets. This program is called MSDSonline, and can be found on all college computers and this website.

MSDSOnline LogoMSDSonline provides a comprehensive database of all hazardous materials on campus and related safety information. Search by material, campus, or program to find the data you need in order to safely use a certain material, or to respond to an emergency.

Safety Plans

LTC is committed to providing a safe and healthful environment for its employees, students and visitors. An Exposure Control Plan has been established to inform and prepare individuals as to the possible occupational exposures to bloodborne pathogens and airborne pathogens/tuberculosis. A Hazardous Communication Program Plan is in place which informs individuals of the hazardous properties of chemicals with which they work, of safe handling procedures and of measures to take to protect from such chemicals.