Design and Media Production Technology

   Program Description

You see it everywhere, on every wall, on every package in every store, on every smart phone, every website, on the app that you downloaded, and on and in many of the cars you see or drive on the road. You live in the visual world. All of it is designed, created, produced, printed, uploaded, projected, streamed, downloaded and shared by a Digital Media and Production Specialist.

The visual impact of everything you see changes your world. How visual information is presented influences what you choose, what you buy, what you think, how you feel.

One of the biggest industries in the world–Visual Media Production–is in front of you every day! The visual media industry has great paying, fun, and creative jobs!

Who creates the visual media? You can. The visual media specialist includes graphic designers, Photoshop editors, web animators, magazine designers, web page editors, and many other visual media skilled professionals. For example most photographs that you see in magazines, or on the web, have been edited with Photoshop. You will learn Photoshop and many other tools in the Lanier Technical College Design and Media Production Technology Program.

Design and Media Production Technology students use state-of-the-art media creation techniques and production technologies for demanding employers:

  • Image editing with Adobe Photoshop CC for high end magazine illustration, mass media embedded usage, print publications, web delivery, etc.
  • Vector design with Adobe Illustrator CC to make visuals for apps, programs, games, anything, and virtually everything.
  • Leading edge layout with Adobe InDesign CC to create media presentations for publications in web and print.
  • Presentation of designs, projects, and products in physical and virtual space.

Design and Media Production Technology at Lanier Technical College is a proven, professional, hands-on curriculum focused on:

  • Develop job-ready candidates with in demand, professional level skills
  • Create media projects work using defined professional standards
  • Combine real-world professional projects and live-work opportunities into the curriculum
  • Create student portfolios from actual commercial media projects
  • Work at the professional quality level and speed demanded by employers
  • Utilize industry standard critique cycle to accelerate professional performance

   Program Advisors

John Dunbar

Dean of Advanced Technology and Engineering Advanced Technology and Engineering
Work Phone: 770-533-7028

Walt Griffin

Design and Media Production Technology Program Director Design and Media Production Technology
Work Phone: 770-533-7000 Ext: 6629