Lanier Tech’s Brandon Carey named 2020 Georgia EMS Educator of the Year

February 20, 2020

Brandon Carey, Paramedicine Technology Instructor, at Lanier Technical College’s well-respected Paramedicine Program was named the 2020 Georgia EMS Educator of the Year by the Georgia Emergency Services Association during an awards reception in downtown Atlanta.

Dr. Ray Perren, President of Lanier Technical College, noted “We are so very proud of Brandon. He is a shining example of the great instructors we have at Lanier Technical College. I have said for years that Lanier Tech is home to the very best EMT/Paramedic Training Program in the State of Georgia. Brandon’s award is even further evidence of the quality of our Paramedicine Program. Our instructors make the difference. We congratulate Brandon and thank him for his service to our students, to the mission of our college, and to the Paramedicine profession.”

The Georgia Emergency Medical Services Association advocates for the emergency medical provider, develops educational programs, liaisons activities, provides benefit programs, and improvements to the Emergency Medical Service System in Georgia.

The Georgia EMS Educator of the Year Award is presented to an EMS Educator who has contributed significantly to EMS education at the community, regional, and/or state level. Contributed significantly is defined as going far above and beyond the call of duty, whether in the direct delivery of patient care or in programs offered to the community that enhance the standing of EMS and/or the education of the public.

US Representative Doug Collins, presented award, with Susanna and Brandon Carey.
US Representative Doug Collins, presented award, with Susanna and Brandon Carey.
United States Representative Doug Collins presented the award to Carey. Carey remarked, “To me, Lanier Tech’s Paramedicine Department won this award. All of us in the EMS Department are products of the relationships and people that have poured into us. We are products of a legacy of a great history of passion, compassion, and EMS care that was put in place by Sam Stone. Everybody in the department–the full-time instructors, adjuncts, and part-time lab assistants of the EMS Education program–are a crucial, and irreplaceable parts of our EMS team. We work together and everyone puts their piece into developing the student to their full potential and excellence. So, to me the award goes to the entire department, not to me.”

Dr. Deanne Collins, Dean of Allied Health at Lanier Technical College, added, “Brandon is a dedicated hard working individual who has a very strong commitment to the college, his program, and his students. Brandon teaches his students to be compassionate professionals who value a strong work ethic. Brandon is well known in the EMS community, and we are very blessed to have him here at Lanier Technical College. I am very proud of the work he is doing with his team, every day, to recruit and train future EMT’s and Paramedics.”

Lanier Tech's Brandon Carey with wife, Susanna, and mentor Lanier Swofford.
Lanier Tech’s Brandon Carey with wife, Susanna, and mentor Lanier Swofford.