Logistics Professional

A logistician manages a product lifecycle, analyzing and coordinating an organization’s supply chain—the system responsible for moving products from the supplier to the consumer. Once a product is purchased, it needs to be acquired, allocated, and delivered, all managed by a logistical professional.

In this fast-paced industry, you can work in many different roles within a department, including procurement, inventory management, and other supply chain planning or management positions.

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Freight Broker

This online course will prepare you to enter the freight/logistics industry and start your own freight broker business or become a freight agent.

Supply Chain Professional

Train to become a Certified Supply Chain Professional exam. This course covers all facets of supply chain management.

Purchasing and Procurement

Learn the basics of the supply chain process, purchasing, contracting issues, and management in the Procurement Purchasing Management course.

Supply Chain + Freight Broker

In this online training program, you will learn the agility and precision needed to succeed in purchasing, logistics, and supply chain management professions.