Is Online Learning for Me?

What is SmarterMeasure and why should I use it?

SmarterMeasure, formerly called READI, is a great way to assess your probability of succeeding in an online and/or technology rich learning program. SmarterMeasure is online and free.

It’s not a test, but an online assessment that helps you to better understand your learning style and your possible strengths and weaknesses in an online environment. Thousands of online students have used SmarterMeasure to see if online learning is a good educational approach for them.

SmarterMeasure includes six major assessment components that measure:

  • On-screen Reading Rate and Recall
  • Technical competency
  • Individual attributes
  • Life factors
  • Preferred learning styles
  • Typing speed and accuracy

The SmarterMeasure assessment does not penalize you for guessing on the questions, so enter an answer for each question. SmarterMeasure is for your benefit, so take the time to rate yourself honestly.

Once you finish your SmarterMeasure assessment, you’ll visit a webpage that shows your scores in easy to understand graphs and text. SmarterMeasure automatically e-mails your username and password to you in case you want to revisit the assessment tool.

How to login to SmarterMeasure

  • To login to SmarterMeasure, click on the following link:
  • On the SmarterMeasure main page, enter the “New Users” section of the page.
  • The username and password to be used by all Lanier Technical College students is:
    Username: lanier
    Password: student

Lanier Technical College provides SmarterMeasure to you for free. It’s a great tool for an immediate score and diagnostic interpretation of results to help you know if you can succeed in Lanier Tech’s online learning programs!