Student Achievement

Student success is the measure of Lanier Technical College’s success. LTC defines four goals for student achievement that show the college is achieveing its mission and working toward continous improvement:

Retention Rate

The college strives to provide high customer satisfaction and meet students' needs as they work toward their academic and career goals. LTC measures its retention rate as the percentage of an enrolling fall cohort who are still enrolled or have graduated from any Technical College System of Georgia or University System of Georgia school.

Graduation Rate

A changing global economy makes a college degree or certificate more important than ever, and LTC is committed to ensuring every student has the resources and support needed to graduate. LTC reports the graduation rate for first-time full-time undergraduate cohorts.

Job Placement Rate

Lanier Technical College's mission is workforce development: Great careers begin here! The college's faculty and staff work closely with students – both in the classrooms and after graduation – to help them be hired in the job they've studied for. Lanier Tech’s Career Services Office follows the careers of LTC graduates and reports the college’s job placement rates to the Technical College System of Georgia.

Licensure Pass Rate

LTC students' ability to pass the exams needed to become licensed professionals demonstrates the quality and rigor of the college's academic programs. LTC’s Office of Institutional Effectiveness Office Reports their pass rate to the Technical College System of Georgia.